Cooking Directions For Parisian-Style Sole

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Directions For The Dish:

Salt and pepper each sole fillet; sprinkle fillets with minced parsley.

Roll fillets; arrange rolled fillets into an 8 x12-inch [20 x 30-cm] glass or ceramic dish.

Peel tomatoes; remove seeds.

Chop tomatoes; evenly arrange all over sole fillets.

Sprinkle fillets with sugar.

Evenly arrange mushroom slices over chopped tomatoes.

Mix together dry white wine or white Vermouth, cream and cornstarch or flour; pour all over sole fillets.

Further Directions:

Cover dish with plastic wrap or a lid.

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Microwave on ‘MEDIUM-MAXIMUM’ for 9 minutes [it sometimes is necessary to microwave fillets for 30 seconds to 1 minute longer, due to the water content of the flesh].

Transfer sole fillets onto a warm serving plate.

Well stir the sauce in dish; microwave for 2 minutes on ‘HIGH’; stir.

Sauce should be creamy.

Pour creamy hot sauce over sole fillets.


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